Web developer

👦 Saurabh Sharma

I do JavaScript things or in very casual words I make websites. I can make pretty webpages and servers alike. I have done tons of projects and still don't hated any aspect of web but I have come to the conclusion web is still evolving to handle how much widely it has scaled. It's also the main reason why JavaScript is moving so fast.

🎯 Projects

  1. Medium Clone

    I tried hard to make something identical to https://medium.com. It took me months because this was a big project including both frontend and backend. But I did it.

  2. URL Shortener API

    This is a URL shortner API. deployed on Heroku you can use it now.

  3. Tic Tac Toe

    Classic tic tac toe game made with web technologies. You can play multiplayer or with the CPU.

  4. fcc-markdown 💙

    freeCodeCamp challenge for making markdown editor with a previewer using React.js

  5. Telegraph clone

    Telegraph is a minimal medium like service. This was simple but not that much.

  6. Random Quote Machine

    Made with HTML, CSS and JavaScript. this small webpage pulls a new quote everytime from an API. You can share the quote too.

  7. Calculator

    This web based calculator uses JavaScript to do calculations, Try it out if you need to do some maths.

  8. Tribute Page

    A made a tribute page for Quincy Larson who started FreeCodeCamp. This page is filled with a lot of intresting details about him.

  9. pomodoro clock

    Does pomodoro technique work for you? Try this pomodoro timer made with HTML, JavaScript and 💉

📑 I write blogs too.

Previously I used to write on medium but as most of my content is tech related so I started to write on dev.to. It's a great community 💗. They made me something like a moderator because of my contribution.